Beyoncé’s M.I.A.

Now, I know I’ve been M.I.A in regards to Le Colectif lately, but wipe those teary eyes readers, I’m back and I’ve brought some M.I.A with me. I know you’ve all heard about and are still hearing about this Solange/Jay-Z scuffle so I know you all are also aware that Quing Beyoncé herself has been laying low these past few days, only recently releasing a statement. Well, she must have been too busy being M.I.A. and playing referee to get back to M.I.A. about a “***Flawless” collabo. So, in true M.I.A-I-don’t-give-a-shit fashion, homegirl went ahead and released her unauthorized remix of the hit, fusing in a little bit of “Diva” stating that, “The Beyoncé camp has not replied for months > SO HERE.” You’re a baaaaddd, baaaaddd girl, M.I.A.


Cartoons & Pop Culture

Most people would agree that pop art takes on a plethora of identities, resulting in unique pieces of works that continually break down the boundaries of what we perceive as “real” art.

Throughout history, artists have taken pop art to new and interesting places, resulting in exciting frontiers that echo on older traditions but all the while, highlighting new and undiscovered possibilities.

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The GZA & Science

In a time, when hip hop’s gritty sound boomed throughout the ghettos of America, exuding rawness never witnessed before in music, one gentleman would take heed of the tools and characteristics of this unique form of expression and apply it to a genre not readily associated with the inner cities of America: Science. Continue reading The GZA & Science

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